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Electives Resources

All electives must be booked through the Electives Coordinator to receive full teaching credit.


Elective activity will be captured by the MD Undergraduate program and later verified by the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

The visiting postgraduate electives will be captured by the Electives Coordinator.

All electives are eligible for credit, with the exception of a horizontal elective that is less than 8hrs and electives that meet the requirement for funding from Mac Care and ROMP (4 weeks or more).


Please be sure to complete an evaluation form for your elective student. The evaluation form serves as verification should there be any discrepancy.

The McMaster university medical student will bring this form to you at the end of their elective.

The visiting elective medical student may bring this form to you, or have it emailed to you from their home school.

Placements outside of Hamilton

Elective placements less than 4 weeks will be funded through Mac Care for placements in Burlington, Brantford, Milton, Oakville, Niagara and Waterloo.

Physicians supervising an elective student in other regions will be assigned ARCS points instead. This includes ROMP regions.

Meditech and Computer Access

All McMaster university medical students will have pre-arranged access to Meditech.

Visiting elective students will not have computer access available to them, except the MFM elective student. If your visiting elective student requires access to Meditech.

Contact Info

Any questions regarding electives should be directed to the Undergraduate Coordinator.


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