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McMaster Students

The Undergraduate Program in Obstetrics and Gynecology offers a chance to profoundly widen knowledge and understanding of women’s health issues through block and horizontal elective opportunities.

Block electives

Experiences in general obstetrics and gynecology are available at SJH and MUMC. The electives are 2 weeks in length, and are subject to certain dates/times of the year. Please see the dates below for specific info.

Electives in our sub-specialties are available in areas such as: Maternal Fetal Medicine, Reproductive Endocrinology, Gyne-Oncology, Urogynecology and Sexual Health.

All divisions are available year round, with the exception of the Sexual Health elective.

  • The Sexual Health elective is available for a max. 2 weeks only and is subject to certain dates. It follows the same schedule as the general electives availability schedule.

Other electives (Sub-specialty) are available year round and for 2 weeks in length, depending on the specialty. For more information, please see our list of divisions below:

  • MFM (CLERKS ONLY): You will work with a team of 4 high-risk OB physicians under the supervision of Dr. M. Morais in the 4B Clinic at MUMC.  Must complete core rotation in OBGYN prior to applying for this elective.
  • REI: You will work with a team of physicians at the ONE Fertility Clinic in Burlington, ON or with Dr. R. Cepeda at the Hart Fertility Clinic in Hamilton, ON.
  • Gyne Onc: You will work with a team of 5 physicians at the Juravinski Cancer Centre located at the ​Juravinski Hospital under the supervision of Dr. W. Jimenez.
  • Sexual Health: This is a community experience in Sexual Medicine, Colposcopy, TA clinic and optional call. You will work under the supervision of Dr. D. Costescu in Hamilton, ON at both MUMC and Juravinski Hospital.
  • Urogynecology (CLERKS ONLY):You will work under the supervision of Drs. ​Malabarey, and Best at MUMC or Juravinski Hospital.

Elective requests by McMaster undergraduate students must be made through MedSIS. Please allow approx. 3 months for processing. Post MF4 requests will run through the UGME lottery.

Horizontal electives

As an introduction to General Ob/Gyn, we offer first-year students the opportunity to experience Labour & Delivery for a max of 1 night shift at SJH or MUMC. Shifts on L&D are from 5 pm to midnight. Our L&D elective will be run through a lottery.

Please ​contact the Undergraduate Coordinator should you have any questions.

We also offer experience in the TA clinic. Please click here to arrange your elective at the TA Clinic at ​Juravinski Hospital. 


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