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Postgraduate Resources

  • Orientations

    At McMaster University Medical Centre and St. Joseph’s Hospital PGY1s from various other McMaster Postgraduate Programs and Clinical Clerks from McMaster Undergraduate Medical Education are trained in basics of Obstetrics & Gynecology. When these learners start at one of these two sites they are given an orientation to the faculties.

  • Forms

  • Vacation Requests

    Please complete the request on Medportal.

    If you are a Family Medicine resident the vacation request must first go to Wendy Milburn.

  • Person Responsible for On Call (PROC)

    In the Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology the PROC is the Chief Resident. Vacation requests however are all filtered through the Postgrad Coordinator, before being sent to the Chief and Site Coordinators for approval.
  • Vacation Entitlement

    All residents are entitled to 20 vacation days and 7 professional leave days per academic year. These days cannot be carried over to the next year. Here is a list of dates that are recognized holidays.
  • Recognized Holidays

    All house staff are entitled to the following recognized holidays:

  • Additional Resources

  • For more information contact:

    Postgraduate Program Coordinator (905) 521-2100 ext 76250

    Postgraduate Program Residency Event Planner (905) 521-2100 ext.76204


    NOTE: all applications to the Residency Program MUST go through CaRMS, CEHPEA, or McMaster Postgraduate Education (for outside funded applicants only). We do not accept any applications sent directly to the office.


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