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Dr. Ann Marie Chen

McDonald, S.D., Pullenayegum, E., Bracken, K., Chen, A.M., McDonald, H., Malott, A., Hutchison, R., Haley, S., Lutsiv, O., Taylor, V.H. and Good, C., 2012. Comparison of midwifery, family medicine, and obstetric patients’ understanding of weight gain during pregnancy: a minority of women report correct counselling. Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Canada, 34(2), pp.129-135.

McDonald, S.D., Pullenayegum, E., Taylor, V., Lutsiv, O., Bracken, K., Good, C., Hutton, E., Chen, A.M., Hutchison, R., Malott, A. and McDonald, H., 2011. 182-Three-quarters of overweight and obese women are planning on exceeding the gestational weight gain recommendations. Canadian Journal of Diabetes, 35(2), p.187.


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