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Below you will find all of the faculty highlighted in our brochures & slideshow along with related links and publications!

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Brochures & Slideshow from ISOM 2022:


Our People, Projects, and Expertise:
Dr. Jon Barrett
Professor & OB/GYN Department Chair:


Read about his TWINS study

A Message From The Chair - See his monthly updates in MAC Chat!

The CONFIDENCE Project Webpage



Dr. Rohan D'Souza
Associate Professor & Maternal Fetal Medicine Specialist:


 Current Project Websites:

The CONFIDENCE Project Webpage


The OROS Project Webpage



Collaborative Research On COVID-19 & Pregnancy Publications:

D'Souza R, Malhamé I, et al. A critical review of the pathophysiology of thrombotic complications and clinical practice recommendations for thromboprophylaxis in pregnant patients with COVID-19.

D'Souza R, Lapinsky S, Malhamé et al. Pregnancy and COVID-19: pharmacologic considerations. 

Yang J, D'Souza R, Shah PS, et al. COVID-19 pandemic and population-level pregnancy and neonatal outcomes in general population: A living systematic review and meta-analysis.

Gold S, Clarfield L, Lapinsky S, D’Souza R. et al. Adapting obstetric and neonatal services during the COVID-19 pandemic: a scoping review. 

Malhamé I, D'Souza R, Cheng MP. The Moral Imperative to Include Pregnant Women in Clinical Trials of Interventions for COVID-19.

Resende MHF, Yarnell CJ, D'Souza R, Lapinsky SE, et al. Clinical decision analysis of elective delivery vs expectant management for pregnant individuals with COVID-19-related acute respiratory distress syndrome. 


Recent CanOSS Publications:

D'Souza R, Lapinsky S, Malhamé et al. Feasibility of establishing a Canadian Obstetric Survey System (CanOSS) for severe maternal morbidity: a study protocol.

Malhamé I, Knight M, D'Souza R. Initial Steps in Developing and Implementing a Canadian Obstetric Survey System (CanOSS) for Severe Maternal Morbidity

Dr. Alison Holloway
Professor & OB/GYN Associate Chair of Research:


Find out more about Dr. Holloway

Read some of Dr. Holloway's Publications!

Dr. Sarah McDonald
Associate Professor & Maternal Fetal Medicine Specialist


Visit the McDonald Research Lab Website!


Find some of Dr. McDonald's publications here 

Dr. Deborah Slaboda
Associate Professor & Fetal Physiology Specialist


Visit the Slaboda Lab Website to learn more!

The Art of Creation Study Website CURRENTLY RECRUITING

Some of Dr. Slaboda's Publications

Dr. Beth Murray-Davis
Associate Professor & Scientific Director (MMRC) 


Developing Gender Inclusive Language for Reproductive Care & Research Project:

We are looking for:

1. Obstetrical and sexual Health practitioners/policymakers; transgender, gender non-binary (TGNB) advocates, policymakers, & researchers.

2. Transgender, non-binary and Two Spirit individuals who have experienced perinatal or sexual health care; transgender and cisgender individuals who have experienced misogyny or gender exclusion in healthcare.

To Get Involved, Contact Us at


The Diabetes, Obesity and Hypertension in Pregnancy Research Network

Dr. Liz Darling
Associate Professor & Director/Assistant Dean of the Midwifery Education Program


Visit Dr. Darling's Website!

Find Her Publications Here! 

Dr. Eileen Hutton
Professor Emeritus, Former Director of Midwifery Education Program & Founder of MMRC


Find Dr. Hutton's Publications HERE!


Baby & Microbiota of the Intestine Project (Baby & Mi, Baby & Pre-MI)

Baby & Mi Overview

Baby & Mi Framework

Dr. Serena Gundy
Assistant Professor / General Internal Medicine & Obstetric Medicine Specialist


More about Dr. Gundy here!

Dr. Kristin Horsley
Post-Doctoral Fellow & Clinical Psychologist


The MHAP Study is will be recruiting soon!

 You are eligible to participate if you: 

1. At least 18 years old

2. Experienced one or more severe health complications during pregnancy or childbirth

3. Speak English

To learn more information, visit The MHAP Study Website


Dr. Samantha Wilson
Associate Professor & Medical Genetics Specialist


Wilson Pregnancy Lab Website

 Read Dr. Wilson's Latest Publication!


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