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Trainee Opportunities

Regional Medical Associate Research Scholarship

by Nicole Gervais | Apr 05, 2018

Applications are invited for R.M.A. Scholarships to support original research carried out by medically qualified registered postgraduate trainees of the Faculty of Health Sciences, McMaster University. A trainee may apply for only one research project per year. The applicant must be the principal investigator, rather than a new investigator added to an existing project.

Allowable items in a study budget include: salary costs (e.g., data entry clerk, research assistant, statistical consultation), not to exceed 50% of the total budget, laboratory supplies, mailing, courier, printing, stationery, software that has a demonstrated need for successful completion of the project. The cost of capital equipment or medical services that are normally provided by health care insurance are not eligible expenses. Awards will rarely exceed $5,000. A separate request may be made within two years of the announcement of the award to fund travel costs, not to exceed $1,000, to present research findings from the study.

Application deadline is generally end of August.  Please see here for more information.


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